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    This is a loosely chronological survey of my work from my teenage fanzine artwork to screenshots of The Matrix Online, for which I wrote story continuity over the first few years of its existence. SF illustration, movie storyboards, advertising art and plenty of Concrete and other comics work included. It was part of my talk with Mark Verheiden, then a Battlestar Galactica writer/producer, to Vidfest 2007 in Vancouver BC.

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August 21, 2006



Thank you for your kind words about our project, MegaCity Times.

I hope you will be interseted in either an interview or send us an article to publish ;)

- Aquatium


Times is really good :)
I'd like to bring to your attention something else that has just recently started up. The Matripedia or Matrix Wiki,


Your recognition makes it all worth it at the end of the day, thanks for the support, it's bolstered our commitment tenfold.


Thanks for the kind words, Mr. Chadwick. It's appreciated. =)

mantra777 (Kings of Never)

It's really great to have met you at the San Diego SOE Block party. Together with my fellow King, Faolon, chatting with you for half an hour was a delight. And as a puzzlemaker for the MCT, I thank you for your support and for having an interesting storyline in MxO.


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Insertion (Immortallis and Vector PET representative)

Jeez.. Well, since so many people have been tossing around a bunch of links at ya, I feel left out. ;-)
The Vector Player Events Team:

The Vector PET Cerberus Issues:

And we'll have the fourth one rolled out by the end of the week.
So, if the Vector Player Events Team title doesn't already explain the obvious, I'll elaborate just a tiny bit on what we do.

Pretty much, we're creating storylines for Vector, while staying as close to the MxO realm as possible (Or atleast we try out best to). If you check out the Vector-Events Forums, you'll find some of the stuff we've done, and how our event logs have improved since the begining.

The Cerberus, a blue pill written newspaper, focuses on both PET events and events that happen on Vector. It's written from a blue pill perspective, and should continue to improve with each issue.
Gah.. Now I feel guilty that I'm taking up about half the page, here. >_<


I agree with ZaneZavin completely. It's great to be a part of an innovation such as this, and your appreciation makes it that much greater.


er... PBlade, rather... ^.^;


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Just what the dooctr ordered, thankity you!


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