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    This is a loosely chronological survey of my work from my teenage fanzine artwork to screenshots of The Matrix Online, for which I wrote story continuity over the first few years of its existence. SF illustration, movie storyboards, advertising art and plenty of Concrete and other comics work included. It was part of my talk with Mark Verheiden, then a Battlestar Galactica writer/producer, to Vidfest 2007 in Vancouver BC.

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April 27, 2007



Hi Paul

Have you seen this lovely tribute primer to Kurt Vonnegut in the Onion? I discovered him via Concrete and he was probably my favorite author, especially his non fiction books and Mother Night which was the most thought provoking novel I ever read...

Actually, while I'm (tangentially) on the subject, I think one of the most undervalued achievements of comics is that they've introduced me to so many great books over the years. Thanks to writers like yourself, Alan Moore and Peter Milligan I've discovered writers as diverse as Italo Calvino, Ed McBain, Ian Sinclair, Robert Pirsig and James Joyce to name a few, so thanks for that!


I set up a that I bought on Amazon as a Club Cam for our club's tenins courts. Using this app, our members can see if the courts are wet or dry. Works great!!! Easy to setup and you can have multiple cams that you can switch between. The little ad gets in the way occasionally, so if that bugs you just get the paid version. Don't need it otherwise.


If you are a author, and you're interested in writing a book, maybe you should allow it to be an eBook alternatively. I have already begun to note that the major bookstores appear to have significantly more items than simply books inside them nowadays. Barnes & Noble for example has increasingly more toys, gifts, along with other impulse nick-nacks within their stores. They are putting more increased exposure of their coffee shops, and the trying to sell of the Nook eBook readers which incidentally has become obtainable in color, at an extremely reasonable price.

In Fast Company there is a fascinating article titled E-Reader Ownership Doubles, Surges In front of Tablet Adoption by Austin Carr published on June 27, 2011. The content stated;

E-reader ownership among U. S. adults has surged within the last 6 months, doubling from 6% to 12%. That remarkable rate of adoption surpasses even tablets, which are owned just by 8% of adults 18 and older. That's very good news for Amazon and Barnes & Noble, whose e-readers, the Kindle and Nook, are flying off shelves (e-shelves, rather). However it may also come as a surprise to consumers overwhelmed with adverts for the iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and Motorola Xoom that e-readers are outpacing tablets.

If most people are buying eReaders then clearly it seems sensible to produce eBooks to allow them to read. It's also interesting that Harry Potter has become likely to the e-book. Some had assumed they wouldn't do this, however it appears like their readers have opted for, and demanded that the Harry Potter books emerge as eBooks. Instead of fight it, affirmed now they're available, and the most recent new Harry Potter book is going to be available soon being an eBook.

There is yet another piece posted to see Write Web on June 27, 2011 compiled by Daniel Rowinski titled E-Reader Ownership Doubled in 6-Monts, Growing Faster than Tablets, which also mentioned the recent survey hosted by Pew Research (please note: not absolutely all research by Pew could be trusted, since it is politically jaded and liberal-socialist in nature).

Ok so, suppose, individuals are buying eReaders quicker than iPads and tablets. In several regards if you've got a Nook full-color eBook, you are able to down load PDFs, along with other files to your e-reader, as well as do minor surfing of the web.

Therefore such combo devices seem to be what individuals are desperate to purchase, and they are able to get them at substantially less cash compared to more sophisticated computer tablets; the iPad and all of the new clones being released. Maybe it's time you being an author started considering the next book, and which makes it an eBook instead of one made from paper.

Cite: eBook Readers Continue to Sell Out and Out Sell

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