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    This is a loosely chronological survey of my work from my teenage fanzine artwork to screenshots of The Matrix Online, for which I wrote story continuity over the first few years of its existence. SF illustration, movie storyboards, advertising art and plenty of Concrete and other comics work included. It was part of my talk with Mark Verheiden, then a Battlestar Galactica writer/producer, to Vidfest 2007 in Vancouver BC.

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February 19, 2008



Hey Paul, good to hear how things are going. A lot of us here in the Matrix Online community are wondering when we might being seeing a new issue of The Sentinel. The previous issue came out over a year ago, and we're dying for a new one.


Never. I've pretty much given up on that POS game. Don't know what I was thinking when I took the job to be honest. Sorry dudes!


Yay for false identities?


Paul it would be great if you could let us know if you're still focused on MxO in any capacity. Hey we're about to hit our three year Anniversary, maybe you can lend your talents to that in some fasion (Ie. a Sentinal).


I don't really want to waste my time on it. I'd rather focus on writing my comics and such that make me some money. I haven't been payed by SOE in about 6 months, so until they pay up I'm not doing much for them. The fan made Sentinals seem to be much better in quality and writing anyhow.


Riiight. Actual blog post, or its fake.


Er... that was phrased poorly. If you are indeed the actual Paul Chadwick, could you please post something to the effect of your reply on the actual blog? There's no actual way to verify wether this is someone impersonating you, or the real deal. And I completely sympathize if you are indeed not being paid.

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